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n short, the primary beneficiaries of such suits are the Attorneys, but the actual consumer may be surprised to find out how these suits affect them.

Some Attorneys use the inconsistent state and federal consumer protection laws. These Attorneys look for fast settlements because the Collection Agency will have to spend much more money for a successful defense. While most of these suits are based on phone messages or letters which are easily if not cheaply defended, they have generally been settled to save money.

The Law Firms that sue Agencies is an inside club. In fact, 60 attorneys account for 46 percent of all these law suits. Consumers are limited in damages but Attorney fees are not. These Law Firms routinely get five to ten times as much money as their clients.

Litigation against a Debt Collector does not eliminate any debt owed by the consumer. A settlement with the Debt Collector only resolves the alleged violation. The consumer must still face the possible negative repercussions of an unpaid debt. Attorneys seldom ask for the original debt to be dropped because they know the owners of the debt, usually not the agency, will not go along.

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