Comments Off on National Debt Collection Figures May Raise Some Eyebrows

A recent survey of the Consumer Debt Collection industry 2013 figures produced some interesting results. If you use a Debt Collection Service, you might be shocked.

Across the United States about 1 billion accounts were sent to debt collection services. These accounts were worth 756 billion in collection for an average claim of $756.

That’s a lot of money. Unfortunately, only about 7 percent of the total was collected. I have written other articles on the causes of this lower collection ratio problem. This article by the American Collectors Association focuses on what the numbers mean to the economy.

If you are interested, you can do much better than average by making a few small changes such as requesting ‘Emergency’ phone numbers on your application. You can find a lot of information on this subject in my ​blog.

Even this 7 percent collection ratio helps a lot. $479 are returned for every household in the United States. This is the estimated result of the return of lost debt to companies which is reflected in lower prices.

Some States do better, but there are no happy surprises.

The report breaks down figures nationally and by State.

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