Applicant Screening

What’s so special about us?

We offer competitive pricing and employ proprietary procedures that will dramatically improve your ability to make sound business decisions. The results of our diagnosis and evaluation significantly reduces bad debt, increases the money returned from debt collection, usually saves money and helps free up time. 

We provide truly customized screening systems for our clients.
Use our Credit Checking and you won’t have much bad debt to worry about. Many companies say they check credit, but all they do is provide you with unconfirmed and unchecked database reports. The difference at Executive is that WE CHECK AND VERIFY information. Most reports are completed within 2 hours.
We have a wide range of Screening Reports for screening prospective tenants, consumers, employees or businesses. We can send reports directly to your computer or fax them. We can independently evaluate reports and provide you with our evaluation results along with our recommendations.
Employment Screening
Our Employee background reports are inexpensive, instant, and capable of saving you a business nightmare.
Business Screening
Fast, accurate and dependable application checking can make an enormous difference in your ability to run a profitable company.
Tenant Screening
Credit checks designed for tenant screening. we offer a variety of options to make our reports more comprehensive & simple.