Debt Collection

What do you want in a Collection Agency?

How about:
Executive Credit Management, Inc. is a full-service debt collection agency based in New Jersey that serves the entire country. Our skills in debt recovery have been honed over 20-plus years of doing business. We collect twice the national average by going the extra mile. 
The heart of our collection process is a customized computer program designed to maximize productivity, while adhering to our clients’ specific needs and requirements. There are no fees to sign up, so start an account and start collecting what is owed to you. 
Our clients generally want a better return on our efforts. That, of course, is only the start. They also want any time, any day status reports, access to management, productivity evaluation and–most of all–a relationship that keeps their involvement simple and easy.

We have been satisfying clients for over two decades by doing what many agencies don’t. We invest heavily into skip tracing missing debtors and we do it several times when necessary. We make multiple phone contact with debtors via direct contact, not automated phone messages. We keep on top of our Client claims with a sophisticated program that puts our contact in the right date and time. We make ourselves available to answer questions, provide analysis and improve the quality of our Client’s collection portfolios.

We offer both Contingent and Fixed Fee Collection Services. They are very different but can each serve different needs for our clients to reduce cost and maximize returns. 
Contingent Debt Collection Services
Our most popular service among our banking and finance clients with competitive commission rates and commission paid only on funds we recover.
Medical Debt Collection Services
What we do very well is to take a pile of paperwork off your desk and send you a regular stream of payments without disrupting your day.
Real Estate Debt Collection Services
Tenants make very difficult debtors. They can be so difficult to deal with, many Agencies refuse to accept Realty collections. We do it all day so it’s just business as usual to us.