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Executive Credit Management, Inc. is a full-service Debt Collection and Applicant Screening agency with over 20 years experience located in New Jersey that serves the entire country. We specialize in debt recovery and background checking to help your business succeed.

March 5th 2013, 
We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website. Finally, our outward appearance is commensurate with our internal capabilities and core competencies. Here is a quick tour of what you will find in our new site.

Status Report for Clients

A password protected login for current clients to see Executive Credit Management’s proprietary database system.

Client Credit Check Login

Run your own credit checks with Executive Credit Management’s client login for current customers.

Background Screening Services

From this screen find our best in class Applicant Screening Services

Debt Collection Services

From this page, navigate to our best in class services in helping you recover your debt. 

Free e-Books

At Executive Credit Management, we want to help you succeed, even if you use a different agency or no agency at all. Read these free e-Books for methods you can employ to collect on debt and better yet, avoid the problem in the first place with better screening methods.

About Us

Our story on why our services in Applicant Screening and Debt Collection are superior.

Contact Us

There are many ways to get started on the Web site. Fill out a form and a qualified applicant screening or debt collection professional will get back to you shortly. You can start protecting your business today with Executive Credit Management, Inc.

Please let us know what you think of the new site.


Executive Credit Management is a full-service Debt Collection and Applicant Screening agency with over 20 years experience located in Central New Jersey. We provide excellent service in the following areas: Employment ScreeningBusiness Screening, and Tenant Screening. Executive Credit Management belongs to a number of Skip Tracing databases and offers services to help locate and confirm the current address of missing debtors. Other services provided are: litigation evaluation on all lawsuit decisions, improvement of the quality of the applicant data, Lawsuit Monitoring, Handling of Debtor Disputes. Executive Credit Management features the best Call Monitoring System in the Debt Collection industry.