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We all hire employees. They are very important to us, yet we frequently know less about them than we do about our cell phone. Choosing a bad phone will only cost a few hundred dollars and some limited aggravation and little damage. A bad Employee, however, can cost you dearly.

Criminal History:

Some applicants hide behind several social security numbers and even good employees may have several names. A check of criminal history will only provide information on the name you provide, never aliases or pre-married names. You need to check out BOTH (or all three) names with criminal reports.

Residence History:

Since Social Security numbers are usually not part of conviction records, you need a lot of residence history. When you try to match results with a name. Some people move often and, if you don’t have years of address information, the match will not provide a positive result.

Credit Report:

Finally, even if your applicant will never handle money, a credit report will give you matching address information as well as information on other names and other social security numbers used by the applicant. This makes the Criminal Report more accurate.

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