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Will a Debt Collection for $10 hurt Credit? This compelling article from the Los Angeles Times explains how a debt of $8 is just as damaging as a collection of $5,000. The following article also explains in detail why you might want to send more of your small debts out for debt collection. Whether you are collecting on large or small amounts owed, there are pricing plans that fit your specific needs. Contingent plans charge only a small percentage, and Fixed Fee plans charge a low, flat fee.

Understanding debt collection and background screening best practices can save your business big money. Building up front applicant screening into your business processes costs you very little, but saves you so much in the end. If you haven’t already, partner with a full service debt collection and applicant screening company to guide your business to a place of security and prosperity.


Executive Credit Management is a full-service Debt Collection and Applicant Screening agency with over 20 years experience located in Central New Jersey. We provide excellent service in the following areas: Employment ScreeningBusiness Screening, and Tenant Screening. Executive Credit Management belongs to a number of Skip Tracing databases and offers services to help locate and confirm the current address of missing debtors. Other services provided are: litigation evaluation on all lawsuit decisions, improvement of the quality of the applicant data, Lawsuit Monitoring, Handling of Debtor Disputes. Executive Credit Management features the best Call Monitoring System in the Debt Collection industry.

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