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You have an prospective new Tenant or Employee to evaluate. Facebook pages can tell you a lot about their social interaction. What, however, does it mean if the Screening Applicant brags about drinking his best friend under the table or complains about his Mother-in-Law?
You may want to know what’s on the Applicant’s mind, but what is really important to know?
If you don’t know what’s important, you may give too much weight to the wrong statements and you will lose a potentially good employee. The reverse, always more frightening, is also true.
One hundred seventy-five subjects were evaluated on three traits: conscientiousness, agreeableness and extraversion. These results were then compared to what was on their Facebook page. Regardless of your particular interest in these traits, the results were unexpected, perhaps even shocking.
While conscientious and agreeable people tend to say nicer things about other people on Facebook, there was absolutely no relationship between conscientious people and talking about alcohol or drug use. There was a positive link between these expressions and extroverted people, however.
Don’t take what you read too seriously. Good Sales People tend to be extroverts and they talk about a lot of drinking.

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