Solid debt collection

In House Debt Collection That Works S.O.L.I.D. Collection

A collection program cannot be tentative in nature. It must be direct and it must be obvious. You can’t beg for your money. You have to put your cards on the table and call the hand. If you have done a proper job of dealing with the debtor from the start, you have a hand full of aces.

What makes a debtor pay a bill? Pressure! SOLID Debt collection will show you how to use pressure effectively and legally to collect more money.

Set-up for the call. Nothing gets a debtor off the hook faster than a caller who is unprepared. Here is what you need: Order information, Approval Information, Shipping Information. Customer satisfaction information and Follow up information. You don’t want to provide the debtor an opportunity to stall by questioning something you know nothing about.

Open Strong. Don’t ask. Don’t beg. Don’t request. Above all, don’t give hard luck stories. You have to come on strong. Coming on strong demonstrates your sense of urgency and your intent to make this issue a priority. It sends a clear message to the debtor that you mean business. Make sure you are speaking to the correct person Tell the debtor you are calling about invoice number XX for XXX dollars, dated XX/XX/XX. Tell the debtor the work was ordered by so and so and approved by what’s his name. Let the debtor know you are aware of follow up calls in which whomever said the work was totally acceptable. Note the age of the bill. Send a loud, clear message that you are in control. You are calling for one single reason: You want to resolve a past due bill.

Lead The Debtor Through Excuses. You’ll hear sad stories and apologies of every conceivable dimension. Be polite but be firm. You understand the problem, but goods were delivered, there was no problem with the quality and the money was due and not paid. If you have signatures on your paperwork, all the debtor has left are excuses.

Insist On A Commitment. The solution to any stall is to exact a specific commitment from a debtor. You want a specified amount of money paid on a given date. Immediately send it to the debtor for confirmation.

Don’t Hesitate. If a debtor is 3 days late with a payment, call IMMEDIATELY! Demand immediate action or you will send this claim to a debt collection agency. There is no later; the payment must be now.