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Payment History accounts for 35 percent. That’s the biggest factor, so people who are getting deeper in debt each month may still pay their credit cards on time. Check out the Available Credit summary. Once it gets used up nobody gets paid on time.
Debt accounts for 30 percent. How much is owed and how much is owed compared to how much credit is granted are both significant.
Long term credit history accounts for 15 percent. Old credit is good and will raise the score.
New Credit accounts for 10 percent and is evaluated as suspicious. A lot of new credit or credit inquiries lower FICO scores.
Credit variety account for 10 percent of your score. People with varied credit types do best in this category.
Good scores happen when people pay on time, keep debts way under credit limits, keep old credit cards active, don’t take out cash advances and don’t use pre-paid debit cards. Bottom line: the score is a reasonably good predictor of future credit success. Be careful, however, because your needs are NEVER average.

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