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Bad things happen out there in the real world. People lose their jobs, get seriously ill or are knocked down by any number of financially destructive problems. They don’t usually cause the problem and don’t expect it, but they are out there and they hit fast and hard.

Like so many other people, I have been in that situation a few times myself. Without the slightest effort I managed to lose my sight which caused me to lose my job. You can imagine what the next few years were like for me financially. It was not the only thing that ever hit me hard and unexpectedly, or even the most traumatic, but much less will suffice to destroy financial stability.

No job often leads to no housing, no vehicle, no self-respect and lots and lots of unpaid bills you couldn’t even imagine paying over time, let along all at once. I needed time and flexibility and it wasn’t out there.

It wasn’t done purposely or because I was greedy or financially irresponsible, but I rolled up large debts to just about everybody. I didn’t cause these problems but they left me feeling helpless and hopeless.

Soon the collection calls started. I was frequently told I had to pay more one a single debt then I made in a week. Most of the callers were not willing to work with me. I had nothing they could take but the calls continued. I decided I could still talk and wanted to see if a Debt Collector could succeed with kindness.

It took us a while to set up a business and convince some Clients to give kind collections a try. Eventually, we got it together and, Decades later, I am still talking to people who owe money to my clients. I don’t have any special skills or tools, just the concept that most people want to pay their bills. If you give them some flexibility and don’t yell at them, everybody benefits.

People who owe our Clients money are given flexible payment plans to take off the pressure and provide a means to pay their bill in a way they can afford. My staff feels good about our work. Our Clients get paid more often and with less need for litigation.

People deserve better treatment. When a Debt Collection Agency provides kind and empathetic service nobody suffers in the collection process.You might be interested in the TV news report on another Agency with the same idea. It is an idea that seems to be spreading. Good for all of us.