Comments Off on Changes in TCPA Regulations Can be a Benefit to Both Sides

As it now stands, the TCPA puts a debt collector at risk for leaving a message on a ‘wrong number’ if the call is made to a cell phone. The law also does not allow a debt collector to call a different phone number than the number called originally when a debtor agrees to speak to a debt collector.

These laws were written decades ago when cell phone use was expensive and were charged high rates even for calls received. The law was designed to protect consumers from unauthorized expenses.

The result, however, was to dramatically restrict legitimate contact by debt collectors to what has become the biggest segment of the telephone industry. This reduces the number of claims that are collected and directly impacts all debt collection clients.

Our Clients should begin to notice some improvement in how much is collected within a few month of the changes in the law. Of course, that will only happen if the law does, indeed, change. Under the current law, a Collection Agency can be sued for simply calling a debtor back on a different telephone number or even for leaving a message on a cell phone.…

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