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Charges can be added, but NOT by the Collection Agency. It is a violation of the law for us to add any fees to your bill. We can, however, add fees transferred from your contract with your customers.

Take a look at your current contract. There should be a paragraph in it referring to extra charges for bills that have to be sent out to a debt collection for processing. Some Client simply state that all debt collection or attorney charges will be added to the initial charge.

This usually is enough, but a stronger statement would provide a specific charge. For example, an additional charge of one third of the original bill will be added if the claim is forwarded to a debt collection agency or attorney.

Many debtors will pay the original bill plus the extra charges once we point out the clause in your contract.In these cases the debtor basically pays for the collection.

Adding extra charges does not mean you will automatically get paid for the extra fees. Just like your original, they are subject to the difficulties of dealing with a consumer who may be insolvent, dissatisfied or otherwise incapable of paying the full amount.

In these cases you may choose to take a settlement offer. If no extra fees were spelled out in your contract this offer would be based on your original bill. A settlement of 70 percent would cost you 30 percent of your original charge.

Because you have added fees in your contract the settlement will be based on a higher number and may comprise your entire original bill.In general expect more money to be collected and returned to you if you add fees.

So, we are not allowed to add extra fees but you can. Make sure your contract has a paragraph on non-payment and extra fees for debt collection services.

Your customer is causing this to happen by not paying your bill. They are already morally responsible. Make them legally responsible as well.

You will get a larger return on claims sent to collection.

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