Comments Off on California Judge Rules That Interest Charges Must Be From Client Written Agreement

It is becoming obvious that you need to add extra fees or interest in your Contracts in order to help recover the cost of Debt Collection. In a significant ruling, the Ninth Circuit Court in California ruled that such fees can only be added to the original debt if they are part of a written agreement between the client and the debtor or are the result of a Judgment.

The resolution of the problem is extremely quick and easy. You need to include a line in your customer agreement stating that, if debt collection is required for the collection of any unpaid bills, an extra XX% charge will be added. The document MUST be signed and dated to be valid

That’s it. Problem solved. It is better to charge a Fee instead of Interest they won’t conflict with other possible added interest charges such as those imposed by a Judgment.

You have every right to expect payment for the service you render. You also have every right to have the debtor pay at least most of the cost of debt collection. All you have to do to make it happen is put it in writing and have it signed.

The results will jump right to your bottom line.…

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