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The 3 second free solution for Social Security Number Fraud In Employment or Tenant Screening

Sometimes, Tenant or Employment Screening gets easy. Sometimes you get your answer as clear and obvious as fireworks. Sometimes, you see, applicants fake their social security number on your application because they know no report is better than a bad report.

They can use a relative with the same or similar name, but that creates problems if you really check. Some of them make it up using a few simple rules. For example, if the Social Security Number begins with 729 most people will believe it is real. The applicant knows it is a fake that looks good. There are hundreds of these fake numbers to choose from and all of them look reasonable. They are reasonable; they just aren’t used by the Social Security Administration.

Finding out the truth is quick, easy and will save you lots of time, money and aggravation. Below, I have the current list of numbers that are not used by Social Security. Keep the list handy and check it first. 

If your application is automated or your application review is automated, it should be easy to have the following numbers bring up the red flag. Even without any automation, however, checking will be quick and accurate.

Invalid numbers per Social Security:

First 3 digits:

  • 000
  • 666
  • 772-799
  • 800-899
  • 900-999 

Fourth and Fifth position:

  • 00

6th through 9th position:

  • 00 00

This simple tool costs absolutely nothing, takes about 3 seconds once you know the numbers and is extremely valuable. Sometimes you can get something for nothing.


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